Chuyên ngành Logistics XNK

EDI: Abbreviation for “Electronic Data Interface.” Generic term for transmission of transactional

data between computer systems. EDI is typically via a batched transmission, usually conforming to

consistent standards.


– Estimated Time of Availability. That time when a tractor/partner carrier is available for dispatch.

– Estimated Time of Arrival.

Ethylene : A gas produced by many fruits and vegetables that accelerates the ripening and aging


Ex – “From” : When used in pricing terms such as “Ex Factory” or “Ex Dock,” it signifies that the

price quoted applies only at the point of origin indicated.

Export Declaration : A government document declaring designated goods to be shipped out of the

country. To be completed by the exporter and filed with the U.S. Government.

Export License : A government document which permits the “Licensee” to engage in the export of

designated goods to certain destinations.