Chuyên ngành Logistics Xuat Nhap Khau

FAS : Abbreviation for “Free Alongside Ship.”

FCL : Abbreviation for “Full Container Load.”

Feeder Service : Cargo to/from regional ports are transferred to/from a central hub port for a longhaul ocean voyage.

Feeder Vessel : A short-sea vessel which transfers cargo between a central “hub” port and smaller

“spoke” ports.

FEU : Abbreviation for “Forty-Foot Equivalent Units.” Refers to container size standard of forty


Two twenty-foot containers or TEU’s equal one FEU.

FMC (F.M.C.) : Federal Maritime Commission. The U.S. Governmental regulatory body

responsible for administering maritime affairs including the tariff system. Freight Forwarder

Licensing, enforcing the conditions of the Shipping Act and approving conference or other carrier


Force Majeure : The title of a common clause in contracts, exempting the parties for non-fulfillment of their obligations as a result of conditions beyond their control, such as earthquakes,

floods or war.

Foreign Trade Zone : A free port in a country divorced from Customs authority but under

government control. Merchandise, except that which is prohibited, may be stored in the zone without

being subject to import duty regulations.

Fork Lift : A machine used to pick up and move goods loaded on pallets or skids.

Four-Way Pallet : A pallet designed so that the forks of a fork lift truck can be inserted from all

four sides. See Fork lift.

Free Alongside (FAS) : The seller must deliver the goods to a pier and place them within reach of

the ship’s loading equipment.

Free Port : A restricted area at a seaport for the handling of duty-exempted import goods. Also

called a Foreign Trade Zone.

Free Trade Zone : A port designated by the government of a country for duty-free entry of any

non-prohibited goods. Merchandise may be stored, displayed, used for manufacturing, etc., within

the zone and re-exported without duties.

Freight: Refers to either the cargo carried or the charges assessed for carriage of the cargo.

Freight Bill : A document issued by the carrier based on the bill of lading and other information;

used to account for a shipment operationally, statistically, and financially. An Invoice.

Freight Forwarder : A person whose business is to act as an agent on behalf of the shipper. A

freight forwarder frequently makes the booking reservation.