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D&H: Abbreviation for “Dangerous and Hazardous” cargo.

Delivery Instructions: Order to pick up goods at a named place and deliver them to a pier. Usually

issued by exporter to trucker but may apply to a railroad, which completes delivery by land. Use is

limited to a few major U.S. ports. Also known as shipping delivery order.


– The place to which a shipment is consigned.

– The place where carrier actually turns over cargo to consignee or his agent.

Detention: A penalty charge against shippers or consignees for delaying carrier’s equipment

beyond allowed time. Demurrage applies to cargo; detention applies to equipment. See Per Diem.

Devanning : The unloading of a container or cargo van.

Dock :

– For ships, a cargo handling area parallel to the shoreline where a vessel normally ties up.

– For land transportation, a loading or unloading platform at an industrial location or carrier


Door-to-Door : Through transportation of a container and its contents from consignor to consignee.

Also known as House to House. Not necessarily a through rate.

Dry Cargo : Cargo that is not liquid and normally does not require temperature control.